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About us

I first began making lace when we moved to Cheshire over 30 years ago.  Those of you who have heard our ‘talk’ will know that the business began when other members of the lace class I attended asked me to make them the lace accessories that I had made for myself.  The business grew as I developed and expanded the range of items that I made and we acquired a small range of lace threads.  The lace day invitations began to arrive and we soon expanded our stock.  The natural follow on was to open a small shop for lacemakers, where I taught lace and needlework for a few years

  David then decided to join me in the business full time and we moved into a unit at a local craft centre, dealing with customers 7  days a week.  Shortly after, SMP Lace then asked if we would like to take over their pillow making business which we did, and as we also increased the number of lace days, we were kept very busy!

The pillow making took up more and more time so we  left the craft centre and have recently moved into a large workshop in the Cheshire countryside.  David spends four days a week hand making all our pillows and I then cover and finish each one by hand.

After 30 years of travelling we have decided that this will be our last year of attending Lace Fairs.

At the start of 2018 we will continue to make pillows for mail order and to run our two Lace Fairs, where we will have pillows for sale. We hope to see many of you to say goodbye.


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